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Project Info

Client Gatherings
Project Date 2016
Employer Whitespace


  • Design Concept
  • Information Architecture
  • Prototype

Project Brief

During Fall 2016, I completed a part-time course on Product Design offered by Whitespace, where I implemented a mobile app idea into a clickable prototype within six weeks.

This project was designed in Sketch and prototyped using Invision.

Gatherings - Intro

Target Market

Selecting the target market helped narrow the focus and purpose of the app. I chose to focus on young female professionals, in their mid-twenties and late thirties, who were single or in a relationship. This specific group would have little to no time, or have to set aside time intentionally to get things done, go places, meet with people, etc.

Gatherings - Story Scenario
Gatherings - Paper Prototypes

Research & Testing

From the ideation process of the app, I posed the question, “what is the one thing that the user needs to walk away with?” Through running several paper prototype user tests and several rounds during the visual design phase, I noticed a pattern.

Key Findings

  • Reduce clicks
  • Reduce cognitive overload
  • Get users through the creation process faster

Users needed to walk away feeling accomplished. I needed to find ways to make the app quick to use, and get the user through the initial process of event creation so they can move forward.

Gatherings - Screens
Gatherings - Flow Diagram
Gatherings - Create Event
Gatherings - Dashboard

Visual & Interaction Design

I imagined Gatherings to be a complement to my target market.

If my app were a person, they would be like a trusted confidante, but also was reliable and friendly. Visually, the design of the app would not be overwhelming, and the flow should not be distracting.


Check out the clickable prototype below.

Project Notes

Even though this was a project created via a course, I believe this app has potential in the real world. When I have some more time, I would like to explore the following areas of the app.

  • Private Messages
  • Features for Event Budgets, Payments, Reservations
  • Guest List/Invite Friends & import options
  • Guest view
  • Sign up process
  • Account integrations
  • Revisit Flow diagrams to see where I can polish the experience
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