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Project Info

Client Appcelerator, Inc.
Project Date 2014-2016
Employer Appcelerator, Inc.


  • On Demand Website Redesign (Responsive)
  • Maintain Marketing Website
  • Designs for SWAG Items

Project Brief

I led the initiative that drove the Appcelerator brand to maturity as the only internal Marketing Graphic Designer at Appcelerator.

Appcelerator Home Desktop

Appcelerator Website

I was entrusted with the task of overhauling the enterprise-focused site to undergo several iterations in the process of switching our product and services to an on-demand offering. The first iteration of the on-demand website launched April 2015, and a subsequent pricing page update launched May 2016.

As part of the overhaul, I worked closely alongside our Product Designer to move towards a cohesive design for the Marketing site, and integrating design elements into different Appcelerator web properties.

The desktop version of the Appcelerator homepage highlights a hero graphic with a brief headline and a simplified sign up field, a minimized navigation bar that expands once the user scrolls past the hero graphic. This was designed to push users visiting the site to create an account and lead them through the purchase of platform services with little to no distractions.

Appcelerator Product Desktop
Appcelerator Pricing 2015
Appcelerator Pricing 2016


With the shift from an enterprise to a on-demand focused business, developing a pricing structure to help users dissect pricing breakdowns and features in an easy manner proved challenging. Here are two variations of the on-demand pricing page, the first was launched in April 2015, and the newest iteration—emulating an e-commerce checkout experience—launched in May 2016.

Appcelerator University 2016

Appcelerator University

Partnering up with the Product Designer, I helped design the landing page for Appcelerator University, which features a new modular training program launched by Appcelerator in May 2016, and made sure the layout reflected design elements in use on the Marketing website, as well as newer rollouts of the Developer Portal, and other web properties.

At the time of designing the concept, elements of the training program were still being developed, so some challenges I encountered were creating imagery/iconography that would best reflect the content that could potentially evolve during the development phase of the University site.

Appcelerator Book Cover

Book Cover

One of the projects I worked on was the book cover that our Product Evangelist Ricardo Alcocer had written and published.

Appcelerator T-Shirts 2015


Part of the responsibilities that came with being the Marketing Graphic Designer, I helped create new t-shirt designs to use as SWAG, which Appcelerator sent worldwide.

Appcelerator Backend Services Infographic


The infographic used elements to emulate a family tree to highlight the generational connection of backend technologies in existence.

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