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Project Info

Client Giuseppe's Restaurants
Project Date 2012
Employer Kraftwerk Design, Inc.


  • Homepage Design Concept
  • Interior Page Design Concepts
  • HTML/CSS Development
  • Content Entry/Management
  • Photo Selection & Manipulation

Project Brief

Giuseppe's Restaurants wanted to showcase their two distinctly different restaurants and offerings from a single entry point, while providing their customers the information at a glance.

Initial design ideas were pulled from rough concepts started by an intern, which I then took over and refined for the homepage and beginning stages of the interior concepts. Selection of photos and content placement were used to help drive the look and feel of each page.

My responsibilities involved designing and refining the website concept to developing the site.

Giuseppes Restaurant Home Desktop

Splash Screen

The homepage for Giuseppe's Restaurant showcases the two entry points for the Palazzo (fine dining) and Cucina (family-style) restaurants.

Giuseppes Restaurant Palazzo Home
Giuseppes Restaurant Cucina Home


The websites for both restaurants showcased essential information customers would like to have access to immediately—all placed within the footer area. At the top navigation, a link to the other restaurant website is accessible.

Giuseppes Restaurant Palazzo About
Giuseppes Restaurant Cucina About
Giuseppes Restaurant Palazzo Happy Hour
Giuseppes Restaurant Cucina Dessert


Each site’s menu provided the restaurant’s offerings broken down by type of meal, along with showing prices or no prices depending on the type of menu.

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