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District 7 Wines

Project Info

Client District 7 Wines
Project Date 2011
Employer Kraftwerk Design, Inc.


  • Interior Page Design Concepts

Project Brief

District 7 Wines is a brand from Monterey County, California. The client wanted to provide trade and media downloads with informative content about the brand for potential wine distributors and customers. The website draws many elements from the wine label design, which was created by the Kraftwerk Design print team, to create a cohesive look across the brand.

My role in this project was to create designs for several interior concepts based on the approved homepage and to carry the design theme from the wine labels.

District 7 Wines Homepage


The homepage concept was designed by my art director, Johnny Hanshew, with edits made under his direction. Using this homepage concept, along with the initial concept for the About page, I continued the design theme for the remaining site pages.

District 7 Wines - Unique Monterey

Unique Monterey

To carry the theme of “Unique Monterey,” I incorporated the stylized map of California into the layout with a special eye loupe feature that zooms in on Monterey County for a unique layout.

District 7 Wines - Wine Section Landing Page
District 7 Wines - Wine Detail


The wines section of the site highlights current releases of the District 7 Wines brand using the bottle shots of each varietal and a short introduction to the wines. In the wine detail page, a large bottle shot of the selected vintage and varietal is prominently placed alongside tasting notes and technical information in a structured and easy-to-read format.

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