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Centrally Grown

Project Info

Client Centrally Grown
Project Date 2012
Employer Kraftwerk Design, Inc.


  • Website Design Concept

Project Brief

The website for Centrally Grown was designed around the theme of nature and sustainability. Since the location of Centrally Grown was under development, the challenge of the project was to create an engaging experience using the scanned architectural landscape sketches and the approved brand logo.

My role in this project included the concept of website design and art direction for illustrations created by the web intern. The logo was used as the base that carries the concept of nature and sustainability throughout the design, while the textured background and other elements were designed to mirror how nature grows in an organic and unstructured manner.

Centrally Grown Homepage


The design uses the architect's illustrations of the property as the hero graphic and in the “Experience” section. The remaining illustrations and site assets were created in-house by our web intern or myself, as many of the corporate identity materials beyond the logo had not been established at the start of the website project.

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