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Castoro Cellars

Project Info

Client Castoro Cellars
Project Date 2012-2013
Employer Kraftwerk Design, Inc.


  • Homepage Concept Design
  • Wordpress Blog Theme Template

Project Brief

With refreshed branding completed by the Kraftwerk Design print team, Castoro Cellars wanted to incorporate the updated brand to their online presence. Many elements from the wine label and other print material were used throughout the website design for a cohesive look and feel.

I was assigned to implement the updated branding with a modern homepage concept which was the groundwork for the interior concept designs. I also developed a Wordpress theme with the design, and it was integrated into the VIN65 CMS in use.

Castoro Cellars Homepage

Homepage Concept

Several content blocks were essential to the client, such as a prominent customer service phone number, quick access to their online store cart, and promotion of their family owned and operated business. Part of the concept design required creating customized, non-clipart elements such as icons in the brown feature/footer section.

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